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Home to a growing community of practitioners using the Yi Chuan Method to improve health, strength & self-defense abilities.

Steve Ehrenreich and his Teacher, Master Cheuk Fung
Shadow on Concrete Wall

Special Offer

Is IntentionFist right for you?

For a limited time I am offering a FREE consultation via Zoom for those interested in joining my 'Discover Yi Chuan' program:

  • Get answers to your questions

  • Learn more about the Yi Chuan Method

  • Get feedback on your current practices

  • Get to know me and my approach

Sunset Martial Arts

Earth & Sky

  • Get in the zone

  • Activate your frame

  • Change the polarity of your step

  • Learn to use 'Feelizations'

  • Learn to 'Clear & Ground'

Image by Matthew Lancaster

Fort Worth Seminar

During a recent seminar in Fort Worth,, Texas we have a number of intensive session including 'Jammin Jong', 'Pounding Ground' and 'Better Baggin'.  Participants got a sample of how The Method can be used in a variety of training scenarios.