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Members and prospective members this is your home for building a better practice through leveraging the power of your Intent.  My introductory material is free to access for anyone that wants to join the site.  Premium content is available by by subscription for US US $20 per month.  If you have questions about training, need help getting started or want some feedback on your training I offer a FREE Consultation for new members.  Book your free consultation using the button below.

Start Training Today

Let's start training together right away.  The material below will introduce my approach to training and give you the tools to begin your formal daily training sessions today!  Even if you already have a daily practice habit this section will be critical for you to understand how to align your current program to seek & develop Integrated Strength.

Fundamental Frame Building

Integrated Strength requires harmony between the structural and  mechanical components of our body.  Fundamental Frame Building uses an array of 'Obviation' exercises to help us discover and develop connections and linkages so that our frame can operate as a single unit to receive and discharge force.  Beginners and seasoned practitioners should try out this may be surprised at what you get out of it.  Scroll through the slides below for a brief on each exercise.

Image by Quinton Coetzee



The Feelization process begins by using strong intent to induce a change in feeling state.  For example, we may imagine and visualize that we are floating in a warm, comfortable, heavy liquid as part of our practice session.  If our Feelization is strong we will begin to notice our frame change 'as if' we were actually floating in such a liquid.  This 'hack' of our intent allows us to tap the subconscious mind to achieve the change in state we are looking for without having to consciously control all of our bits an pieces together.

By manipulating our intent in this was we can begin to consciously trigger stats and condition within our frame that were only accessible subconsciously before.  In this section we will explore the entire Feelization Process in more detail and introduce Feelizations you can integrate into your personal practice right away.

Recommended Video

Check out the videos below for highlights from livestreamed training, seminars, new teaching videos and more.  To RSVP for upcoming virtual & live training opportunities visit Events.