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Welcome to Discover Yi Chuan!  I'm glad you are here.

You can use this page to explore the resources available to you with you DYC subscription.  I update it regularly and send notifications of new content out via email & social media.

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Train Differently to Get Different Results

This course will teach how to change your training to get the results you are looking for. 

The exercises presented, and Yi Chuan itself, are INTENTIONALLY SIMPLE from and external POV.  This 'simplicity' allows us to focus on the internal complexity of our frame.

Simply doing the exercises will not get you results!


The key is to learn the Method of using Intent and Awareness to Discover, Develop and Apply the latent capability we all have to express Oneness, Hun Yuan, Internal, Harmonized, or as I like to call it, Integrated Strength.

The Programs below are where you should start if you are new to DYC. -Steve

For a full list of available programs, please visit the Programs page.

'DYC Start Here' will help you get the most out of Discover Yi Chuan, perfect for new subscribers. 

'Fundamental Frame Building' will introduce you to 'Feelizations', where we use strong imagery to build linkages within our frame. 

'Build a Better Practice' helps to re-frame how we approach Integrated Strength, details the 'traps' to avoid and introduces the 'Practice Pyramid'.