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  • Can I use 'Discover Yi Chuan' as a self study course?
    Yes. Discover Yi Chuan is designed to be a self-study but can be augmented with personal and in person instruction. The course began as a need to support my mostly remote students. My family and I have had the good fortune of living abroad for many years, so, even before the pandemic I was working a hybrid solution. The materials are designed to help everyone who is working on develeopoing Integrated Strength and are used both by students I meet with regularly and students I have never met in person.
  • How much time does the course take?
    That depends entirely on you. One of the most omportant sections in Discover Yi Chuan covers building and evelving your personal practice habits. If you follow my guidance you will begin with one or more short (10-15) minute practice session a day. We then work to grow these sessions in frequecy and duration in a way that works with your daily commitments. In addition to intoducing mre freestyle practice during training sessions we will begin to work on casual training where you practice The Method while doing other things like walking the dog, riding a bike or even standing in line. Together formal, freestyle and casual practice habits can evlve not only to fit but to enhance your lifestyle.
  • What happens when I am done with the Program?
    When you complete all the steps in the program you will get a badge of completion. But watch out! New content is always on the in response to the feedback and needs of our community. You will get notified when new sections are ready to help enhance and evolve your achievements with integrated strength. In the future I may also offer more specialized programs for those with a particular interest and team up with community members to offer modules related to one of their specialties.
  • What if I want private lessons?
    While I do offer one-off consultations in certain circumstances, I require students that are interested in a series of private lesson to enroll in Discover Yi Chuan and begin the training before we meet. This approach maximizes both my and my students time allowing me to focus on asessing and addressing training issues rather than teaching exercises from scratch. Private consultations are also discounted for Discover Yi Chuan members.
  • Do you have a ranking system?
    No. With this type of training I don't find rank and heirarchy very useful. The Method is circular and interative until particular skills are achived that elevate the practice. The question will be can you properly apply Integrated Strength in a given condition. If you can then you have achieved a certain level of skill. For example, the question or test may be can you root the strength of your opponent in a front stance with contact on the forearms? If so, you have the first stage of rooting, now come permutations and combinations. Can you do the same from a natural stance? A back stance? With one arm? From the shoulder? From behind? Contact on the torso? The legs? See what I mean?
  • What level of fitness do I need for Discover Yi Chuan?
    The simple answer is come as you are. There are a number of reasons for this. First, we generally want to follow an 80% rule. This means we don't push ourselves to the limit all the time but generally push to 80%. Second, many of the exercises are not aerobic and don't really care about your fitness. Simple standing, for example, can be challenging regardless of your fitness and perhaphs even more challenging if you are doing or have done extensive weight training. There was a time when i thought my shoulders were going to fall off, periods when my feet burned so much it felt like I was standing on a frying pan and about 2 years where I would stand in 60 degree room on the edge of sanfrancisco bay and quickly form uddles of sweat under my elbows and filling my shoes. Much of the hard work invoves a process of elongation or lengthen-strengthening the muscles. Workring through old injuries, adhesions and challenging functional range of motion and unifying chains of movement is the name of the game. Bit by bit, regardles of how fit or unfit you are The Method will challenge you to be both fit and viciously efficient in the application of Intgegrated Strength to purpose.
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