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Discover  Yi Chuan

Harness the power of your INTENT to Discover, Develop and use Integrated Strength

My Discover Yi Chuan course will help you unlock the power of your intent (Yi) and use it to Discover, Develop and Apply Integrated Strength  for self-defense, health restoration and energy cultivation.  

Discover Yi Chuan works by reframing daily practice to focus on developing the latent capacity we all have to use our body as a single unit.  Intense 'Feelizations' are used to induce connections within our frame and bring them under conscious control.  Permutations and combinations of variations then evolve into freestyle practice where the Integrated State is maintained by feel.  Then we learn to apply the Integrated State to self defense, health maintenance and restoration and/or life activities both mundane and adventurous.

DYC gives you everything you need.  Detailed explanation of why and how to training differently to get different results, teaching & guided practice videos on a wide variety of topics and live training sessions with Q&A are all included.  For more support you or your group can book a Check In session, focused private training customized you your needs.  For a limited time new subscribers can book their fist check in for FREE.  -Steve